Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Animal Rights

The Topic: Animal Rights
The Project:  
  • Create a 30-90 second PSA raising awareness about an animal of your choice who needs our attention, care, and protection
  • Design a T-shirt with your chosen animal and include a message or slogan 
The Goal: To view all animals equally and with compassion

The Process: Over the course of 8 weeks, we learned about factory farms, animal shelters, endangered animals, and other ways animals are in need.  We researched the process (from "farm" to table) of how we get our food.  And compared "farm" animals to exotic/endangered animals.  Are they viewed the same or differently? 

At the beginning of this project, we were each given a notebook to record notes, thoughts, and personal stories of how we help animals.  We also decorated these notebooks with pictures and stickers of our favorite animals and quotes.

After all our research, we discussed our findings and feelings about animals.  While we all love animals and think they are cute, there was a lot we didn't know about them and how they are treated.  Each girl chose an animal to focus on and then began writing a script for the PSA.  We each recorded our script, which focused on one animal, why that animal is in need, and how we can take action to help, protect, or raise awareness for that animal.  To create our PSA, we made a picture montage and used our script as narration.

Next, we took all we had learned about our animal and designed a t-shirt with a message or slogan.  We used Photoshop to draw and digitally create our designs, then uploaded them to Spreadshirt.com and printed them - so everyone got a shirt with their design on it!

We really learned a lot about animals and where our food actually comes from.  While we are still kids and aren't all able/willing to change where we get our food or buy our clothes, we can certainly talk to our parents about what we've learned and try to make whatever lifestyle changes we can to help animals.  We hope you can do the same.

The Products:

Our completed PSA's can be found here.

Our T-shirt designs are here and can also be purchased on Spreadshirt.com!
Pandas Are Friends
Don't Kill Me
Plz Don't Eat Me
Oink Oink Oink
Not A Big Bad Wolf
Protect Me or Else I'll Eat U!!!
Help Shelter Animals!
I Might Be Cute But I Can't Be Abused
Woof Woof
Save Homeless Puppies
Pandas Never Hurt You
Why Hurt Them?
I Miss My Dad, Home, Family