Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our First Podcast

On our first day of LunaTech we all recorded something about ourselves.  Using Audacity we recorded, edited and exported this podcast.  Enjoy!

Our First Podcast

Monday, September 20, 2010

The LunaTech Timeline Project

This year we will be documenting our experiences and projects in LunaTech by blogging, podcasting and making videos.  In an attempt to track our progress and provide feedback on projects, we will create a weekly podcast and post it on our blog.  Each week the LunaTech reporter will describe the project, process, and outcome.  The LunaTech reporter will change weekly, giving each girl a chance.

Throughout the year, we will create videos of our projects and also post them on our blog.  They will feature how-tos and showcase our final products.

What is LunaTech?

LunaTech is a girls-only program designed to introduce girls to technology through project-based learning and bridge the gender gap within the technology field.  

In partnership with Davidson Middle School and the SNAP after school program, 8-12 girls participate in a weekly 3 hr session throughout the school year completing various multi-media projects.  Previous projects have included: LEGO robotics, water rockets, LED light-up pins, Photoshop Collages, and 5 minute TV Segments.